Tuesday, October 09, 2007


NameThatDisease.com - http://www.namethatdisease.com">Test your disease knowledge

I guess I should be ashamed, using these quizzes for two-in-a-row blog entry topics. (I'm not, particularly.)

Since I devote little time to watching television, I'm okay with getting the second-highest rating. From looking at the bar graph, it seems that if I'd answered one of those questions with one less clue, I'd have attained the exalted rank of Doogie Howser. Imagine: attaining status of cyber-diagnostician, just by sitting in front of the tube.


Christina said...

Congrats on that one!
I had problems with the STDs (on the test!), so we're both Hawkeye!
We're in good company, 'cause AD is, too (among others).

Assrot said...

Well, I got halfway between Hawkeye Pierce and Doogie Howser so I guess I'd have made a better doctor than a cop. My Bachelors Degree is actually in Premed but I have no social skills when it comes to sick people. I'm the "Shut the hell up and quit your whining!" kind of guy. That's why I became a Computer and Network Systems Engineer. Machines don't talk back. They do exactly what you tell them and they could care less what you say or how you act. You can even give them a good kick or two to get them started sometimes. You go ahead and laugh but that kick works quite often.



comatus said...

Joe, I can just hear your careers counselor: "Let's see, can't take bullshit like a cop does, no social skills...got it! Systems!

There is exactly one joke I ever heard an IBM man make, and they all make the same one. It ends with "...and $999.00 for knowing where."

night lightning woman said...

I used about 4 clues on the first question learning how to do this thing, and then answered every single one of the other questions on one or two clues. Correctly. Damn. You say Dougie Howser is higher than Hawkeye? Frankly, I'd rather have a Hawkeye than a Dougie. But this chaps.

phlegmfatale said...

I was bad at this one, but I scored very well on the name that drug/narcotic, whatever. These surveys are funny.

The Enforcer said...

Hey JPG- I scored as Hawkey also. Great site

lainy said...

Hawkeye here as well. It was fun, but some of those pictures were disturbingly gross.