Friday, April 04, 2008

It Pays to Advertise

Beloved bride and I had occasion to drive past the county jail Friday afternoon. Across the street is a small building, covered with signs indicating it is occupied by a bail bond agency and a lawyer's office.

The structure's exterior is covered with a variety of signs. The bail bondsman has one that advises,
--------------- Get yours now! ------------

We had to wonder if this advertising was intended to catch the eye of someone planning to commit some crime, get arrested, and need to make bail. Hey, might as well to get a new shirt for your troubles, I s'pose.

Not to be outdone, the lawyer proclaimed,
*** Law Practice ***
--- Criminal -----
---- Family -------

I had to ponder that one. Does he seek a clientele made up entirely of families who violate immigration law? My BB thinks that I might have a slightly warped perspective
. Could she possibly be right?


Don Gwinn said...

Could be the bail bondsman figures that people being released from jail today are tomorrow's bail customers. he's probably right more than he's wrong. :D

SpeakerTweaker said...

I can clearly see that Matt comes about it honest;)

Immigration criminal family. Like a South-of-the-Border Sopranos. That is teh funny.


Assrot said...

I think you are right on. Both the bail bondsman and the lawyer probably crawled out from under a rock somewhere and need to get their business off the ground any way they can.


Old NFO said...

Dead on the money! They get 'em going and coming...

Sevesteen said...

There's a place in the next town north that does bail bonds and CCW training...

Matt G said...

Too pessimistic, Assrot. Everyone's entitled to a spirited defense, and almost everyone's entitled to a bond. (It's mentioned in the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, which almost guarentees that you can be assessed a bond. That said, certain circumstances necessitate a "No Bond," occasionally.)

Someone has to do those jobs. They of course do not perform their services free of charge.

But I will say-- the establishment that JPG speaks of is a pretty seedy joint.

Matt G said...
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phlegmfatale said...


Christina LMT said...

Oh, your perspective isn't completely warped...just a little bent, maybe! ;)

makeumdothechicken said...

This could be a new business opportunity for bondsmen, prearranged bail bond. The families of miscreants could give away gift cards at Christmas from the bail bondsman.

What did you get for Christmas?

"I got bail cards for a a DUI, Posession of Drug Paraphernalia and a Disorderly Conduct and this really cool T-shirt!"

CrankyProf said...

Y'all laugh, but there's one law firm here in Philly that specializes in exactly that. They're a step above criminal themselves.