Friday, September 05, 2008

Bayou Renaissance Man back on line!


Peter is back to posting his blog now, having survived Hurricane Gustav‘s trek into Central Louisiana. I and others who posted updates for him were certainly grateful for the opportunity to help out, but we’re very happy that the situation as moderated to the extent it has. Our assistance was indeed small enough, consisting only of awaiting word and passing it along to concerned friends. As he has time to post, we can all go back to getting the word directly from him.

Many disparage the “Power of Prayer,” I know. But in times of personal, individual and collective, hardship, it gives those afflicted the warm fuzzies to know the kind feelings and good vibrations being sent across the miles. I know Peter and his local pals are glad to have had your good wishes and sympathy.

I wanted to get this announcement on line ASAP. I’ll try to post some additional observations later today.


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