Wednesday, November 19, 2008

National Ammunition Day

Internet pal Jay G (No, we’re not related,) operator of MArooned blog reminds us that today is (was) National Ammo Day. That last link explains the rationale in detail. In brief, the idea is to buy at least 100 rounds on WE19NOV.

Brigid, at
Home on the Range tells HER reasoning about buying her 100+ from a locally-owned shop. She feels it important enough that she won’t buy it from a huge, nationwide chain. (Okay, SHE named WalMart - - why shouldn’t I?) I certainly can’t argue with her reasoning, and in fact would “buy local” if the option was open to me. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a home-based store that retails ammunition anywhere in the county where I live.

This evening, I mentioned to Beloved Bride that National Ammo Day had kinda snuck up on me, and I hadn‘t bought any. (The 500-odd .45 ACP I reloaded in the past week doesn’t really count.) She reminded me that she was shooting a tactical match this Saturday, and if I wasn‘t going to get off the dime and hand load her some 9mm, I could just go out and buy her some. I’d planned to be shooting in the same match, but I’ve been asked to assist on the range at a scout activity on Saturday.

Anyhow, at 7:30 p.m. I drove to the Wally World in the county seat. I bought some Winchester White Box 9x19mm for Holly to feed “my” Browning High Power. Oh, you noticed those quotation marks? They’re because she’s coming more and more to think of it as HER pistol. Hell, I’d already given her a Kel Tec P11 AND a Colt Officers ACP of her very own, and now I have to ask her where she’s stashed my/our Buckmark .22 as well as the 9mm. Every time I grumble about this fact, she sweetly reminds me that Texas is a community property state. Additionally, she rather smugly makes not-so-casual mention of how she single-handedly tracked down and bought a vintage Colt Super .38 for my last birthday. And she didn’t bat an eye at the last two .45s I purchased. I mean, it’s not such a bad arrangement, and I didn’t carry the P35 that often anyway.

Back to the primary topic - - It would indeed be nice if each and every one of the estimated 75 million gun owners in the USA would each buy a hundred rounds of ammo this week. (It’s getting a bit late in the day, and the effect will be very similar if the ammo is purchased any time this week.) How about if some of those who would sacrifice our Second Amendment rights were to notice that the ammo shelves at the local stores are darn near empty? I wonder if any of ‘em are perceptive enough to get the message. As Brigid pointed out, if everyone participates, this is 75 BILLION fresh cartridges in circulation.

So, please - - If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to go find a shop that sells what you shoot. Pick up a hundred rounds or so of center fire ammo, if you can possibly afford it. If you’re into .22 rimfire, maybe a couple of ten-box bricks would be nice. You’ll feel good about having it on hand, and you MAY just possibly be helping make a point with the gun grabbers. Besides, it’s nice to be able to drop word of your purchase into conversation.

Good shooting.

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