Wednesday, April 21, 2010

APRIL HISTORY: San Jacinto and the Doolittle Raid

I've let my blogging lapse for several months, and a nod at a couple of historical dates may be a good way to ease back into the groove. If it doesn't "take," well then, it's still a good idea to recall certain aspects of the past. Here are two that took place in the month of April.

Today is the Day of San Jacinto. The Battle of San Jacinto, to be more precise. I've previously written on the topic and see no point in repeating the same information. The significance of the battle and the aftermath is just as profound now as it ever was. In short, this battle ensured Texas' separation from Mexico, and the resultant treaties gave form to the United States for all time to come.

18 April 1942 - - The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, while minor in tactical results, had tremendous significance in terms of American morale and global news. It placed the Empire of Japan on notice regarding the BIG error they'd made in starting a war with the U.S.A. World War II was a long, hard war, one with crucial bearing on the entire future of civilization. It was incomprehensibly costly, in terms of the lives cost, not to mention the huge expenditures of money it took to wage the conflict. Unfortunately, some onerous tasks must be undertaken, no matter what the bottom line turns out to be. Thanks to The Greatest Generation, the U.S. and the Allied Powers prevailed. It is interesting to reflect on the continuing effects of that great conflict, and the ways in which, not only did the world map change, but how societal and international attitudes were altered for all succeding generations.

An occasional look back at history can well provide us with some landmarks to help us into the future.


Old NFO said...

Well said, and well done JPG, thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back to blogging!