Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Primer on Gun Shopping

Shopping for one particular type gun, anyhow.

I like almost all types of firearms, and some better than others. Handguns are my main area of interest, and I've been an afficionado of the 1911-series for a very long time. These are almost always in caliber .45 ACP, but there are other formats as well. Like so many, I have my own preferences as to particular brands, models, and features.

Never having been a wealthy person, I've had to be choosy about spending my money. Additionally, some very fine arms are simply not in current production. These two factors have led me into doing a lot of shopping for used guns. This may take place at a neighborhood gun shop, a fair-sized sporting goods sore, a gun show, flea market, or on leads found in the newspaper classified ads - - I'm not particular, and I've made some good buys through each of these venues.

A longtime 'Net acquaintance, Xavier, writes a very worthwhile blog called
Xavier Thoughts or, Nurse With a Gun. Same thing - - one is probably a subtitle for the other. He has numerous interests, including photography, bicycles, dogs, conflict training, and GUNS. His series on gun shopping are occasionally archived in a separate blog called Pawn Shop Circuit. If you're not particularly interested in 'Xave's other areas of expertise, his back installments in PSC are a really good read.

Anyhow, the current article in Xavier Thoughts is really prime writing: Checking a Used 1911 with a Purchase in Mind. This is a very informative piece, and would be of outstanding value to someone with any thought of buying a a previously-owned 1911-type pistol. The information is interchangeable for all marques and clones of the basic Browning-designed service automatic. I only wish this information had been so compiled in one spot several decades ago when I first started my love affair with the Colt Government Model and its descendants.

If you have even a passing interest in the topic, Xavier has done you a service in publishing this article. I strongly recommend it.


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Old NFO said...

He has done a good job, and I too wish I'd had that info 30 years ago... sigh...