Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Excuses, excuses

Believe it or not, my creative muse has not deserted me. I actually have two or three decent topics bouncing around in my head. Problem is, it takes me a while to write up a topic, remedy the obvious glitches, proof read it critically, revise THAT, and then prepare the images, if any. While I'm becoming fairly comfortable with THAT procedure, it takes me a wile to arrange the format, and distribute the previously written text around 'em. Then there's the captions, if any.

So, I really hate to begin writing until I have a bit of time to do it properly. I've been doing some housekeeping, mainly on the blog. I feel remiss in not linking all those who gave me such a cordial reception when I was getting started, so I've been putting up a list of links to a lot of people whose efforts I respect and enjoy. I finally have a list, of sorts, along the right-hand side of this blog, and I'll undoubtedly be finding others i've neglected. My apologies in advance to those I may have missed.

Holly, my beloved bride, (BB - - Maybe that'll do for an abbreviation) is about to go visit family for a few days. At least we won't be competing for use of our single computer during that time. I probably won't get any writing done on Thursday, though. I have this part-time job that keeps me out all night, twice a week, and I live over an hour from the site, and I have twelve hours to do on TH night.

Also - - I have out of town company arriving Saturday afternoon, so I may or may not be able to shoot in a match that morning. You know, I have no idea how I had time to work a full time job, before I retired.

So - - I'm off to run errands for a while, and BB needs to do some computer stuff before she leaves town tomorrow. More later.


Farmmom said...

Just take your time. I check your blog daily. That doesn't mean that I actually expect a new post daily.
I am enjoying reading what you write though. You remind me of my father. One of his favorite sayings is that common sense is not common anymore. I seem to have found a place to find some. Thank you

Anonymous said...

"I have no idea how I had time to work a full time job, before I retired."

I think every retiree I know has told me that at one time or another.


phlegmfatale said...

Well, have fun hogging the PC all to yourself while you're missing the Mrs.

Thanks for the add on your blogroll- I'm honored to be in such esteemed company and on your blog!

RobC said...

JPG... it's your blog and your time. :-)
I wonder if I would blog if I were retired myself.

lainy said...

Just do what you need to and we'll all wait for you. No problem at all.

Have fun with B.B. away, with the computer time you get. Please tell her to have a good trip.

Mr. Fixit said...

Thank you for the link Sir.

I don't know how anyone has time to do anything while not retired. Working shifts at the fire department helps, having 2 days off is great. But I still have more to do than I have time to do it with.