Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Blog

I am extremely pleased to pass along the news that our friend Peter has finally plunged headlong into the world of blogdom. His spot, Bayou Renaissance Man , promises to be a real treat.

It's been my pleasure to have visited with Peter over several years on a couple of the firearms interest boards, and we've been able to meet in person a few times. He has a vast fund of stories and a background which may only be described as, uh, INTERESTING. As I don't know exactly how much of his past he'll want to divulge, I'll hold off on telling too much about him. I know him for a delightful conversationalist, and I've yet to broach a topic on which he isn't pretty well informed. He's no stranger to some truly varied surroundings, and has been present at some interesting occasions. We have common acquaintance with at least a couple of men I highly respect, and this is certainly recommendation enough for me. Give him a read.


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