Friday, July 11, 2008

A New Cop Blog

By way of Friend LawDog, I learn of a new cop blogger in our North Texas area, Cowtown Cop. I’ve read all he’s published so far and I am impressed. He clearly has a good eye and ear for the humorous aspects of peace officery. Even more importantly, in my mind, is that he has a basic respect for the armed private citizen, and by extension, I bet he also respects the rest of the Bill of Rights. Couple this with an appreciation for old firearms, and he appears to have the makings of someone fit to ride the road with.

And, yes, BB and I are back from our little sojourn in Mizzoura. As expected, blog material abounded and it’s but a matter of time until I get some of it properly written up. Don’t give up on me, and in the meantime, drop on over and take a look at Cowtown Cop‘s bloggery.

1 comment:

lainy said...

I'm glad to know you're home and gettin' back on track.

I enjoyed spending time with you and can't wait for next year.

What a 4TH of July, huh?