Thursday, October 09, 2008

Winner of the Pink AR

You may recall that a while back, I wrote a bit entitled Breast Cancer Charity Gun. It concerned the raffle set up by Larry Correia and Gunsmith Joe, to benefit the fight against Breast Cancer, a truly worthwhile charity.

I see in Larry’s Monster Hunter Nation Blog that the pink AR15 was won by Mr. Bo Smith of Utah. The raffle raised over $3000 which went directly into the coffers of the excellent cause, and we all owe Larry and company a vote of thanks for promoting this contest. I’m mildly proud for having taken the opportunity to participate. I really hope MHN and FBMG will make this a regular event. Thanks to everyone who took part, and thanks again to Larry and his crew.



Old NFO said...

That is great! $ for a good cause and Mr. Smith got a nice piece out of it! Thanks for the update.

John B said...

And Woe betide the schmuck who makes fun of the color scheme of Mr. Bo Smith's new non-black rifle....

$3000 smacks! I may get into the charity biz again my own self.