Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final Bulletin about Bayou Renaissance Man

Beloved Bride and I talked with Peter night before last. He went home from hospital on TU13OCT, I think. He's progressing nicely, gaining strength and feeling better. He has a support network of local friends and someone comes by to help him every day.

He's frustrated in that he had only just gotten moved into his new quarters when he was struck ill. He has MANY boxes of gear still stacked and not yet unpacked. He's not able to make any progress on that front as he's restricted from lifting anything of over ten pounds weight.

Peter's fiancee' should arrive in about a week and she'll help in getting his stuff unpacked.

He expresses gratitude to all who send prayers and good thoughts.

Per the title of this piece, this is my final update on Peter's health. I see he's back to publishing HIS blog on a daily basis, and he'll give his own progress reports. In a way, I hope he's putting up stuff he already had "in the can." However, as I write, I recall my own bout with an MCI, quadruple bypass, and subsequent complications. One of the ONLY things I was able to do comfortably was mess with the computer. Anyway, be sure to drop by his spot and see what topics upon which he's discoursing.


Crucis said...

It's always great to read/hear good news. Thanks for provding the update. Peter is on my daily read list.

Brigid said...

That's good news. I'm glad he has people in his life that care and will tend to him as he recovers.

Anonymous said...
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