Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peter's on the Mend!

I'm extremely pleased to be able to announce that my friend Padre Pedro, who blogs as Bayou Renaissance Man, is recovering nicely, following quadruple bypass surgery.

Our mutual friend, Ambulance Driver, who lives near the hospital, reported today that he and his darlin' daughter went and visited Peter today. This was good to read, but it was even better when Holly and I talked with Peter by phone just a few minutes ago.

He apparently had a really close call, for a man who had never previously experienced any type of heart trouble. Peter was astute enough to phone his doctor soon after he began manifesting symptoms, and said learned healer prodded him to get off the dime and do what he should have already done: He summoned the medics. Two ambulances of 'em showed up in short order and worked their emergency magic. This prompt action seems to have headed off Peter's imminent demise long enough to get him into hosplital treatment and surgery.

The man sounds a bit weak yet, but he has hopes that he'll be out of the facility in another few days. While progressing nicely, Peter can still use some more prayers and good thoughts.


Crucis said...

Very good news, indeed!

Thank you.

Brigid said...

Oh my! He's MUCH too young for that, and I'm glad he got good care. Please give him a hug from his friends in Indiana if you see him.