Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Heroine for the Ages

1910 -- 2008

My friend and former co-worker, Bob Powell, sent me this e-mail:
This is one of those stories that breaks your heart and makes you glad to be alive all at the same time.
Sendler -VS- Al Gore

This is the kind of story - tribute, really - that comes along only a VERY few times in your life. PLEASE watch this. If you have anything else that is more important, put it on the back burner for less than 3 minutes. It can wait. This is about Irena Sendler - a Polish woman ... but I'm not going to tell you any more. I guarantee that you will sit there, at the end, with your mouth agape at the very least.

As always


And my reply:

That was excellent, Bob. Thanks for sending it along. I watched that particular tribute with great interest, and then spent some additional time watching most of the other YouTube clips pertaining to Ms. Sendler.

I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of that courageous lady before today. Her actions and life stand as an inspiration to us all. (I HAVE heard of Al Gore, and his Peace Prize. Sorry, but I can't say I'm particularly inspired by THAT lying sack of excrement.) I'll FWD your e-mail and the link to several friends and family members. Ms. Sendler certainly deserves to be remembered.

By the way: I notice she died on my birthday. Would that I -- any of us-- could claim to have made one-tenth the contribution to the world she did.

All best to you and your family.

A more complete story of Ms. Sendler’s life and her activities in Warsaw, written during her life, may be read in Irena’s Children.



SpeakerTweaker said...

Wow, talk about a tug at the old heartstrings.

What a woman. What a human.

What sort of waste of flesh would even stand next to that woman to compete for a prize of peace?

Well, I can think of one...

I agree with you, sir. I wish that by the time of my death, I may have contributed even a fraction to the world that she did.

Amazing. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll share this one, for sure.


Old NFO said...

WOW! Thanks for posting this. I cannot believe they chose Gore over her.

Assrot said...

Great post Johnny. What a great woman. It's a sorry world we live in when someone like Irene is denied the Nobel Peace Prize and we hand the prize to a blow hard piece of crap like Al Gore.

Another fine example of where humanity is headed. My maternal grandfather was a soldier in the regular German Army during WWII. He was caught hiding his Jewish friends and thier families and sent to the Russian front as punishment when he got caught.

My grandfather died in a Russian POW camp of starvation and disease due to malnutrition about a month before the war was over. Not all Germans were for Hitler and his Nazi party and the SchutStaffel.

Thankfully my grandmother and her children were able to hide along with the Jews they helped until the war was over.

Irene Sendler will receive her just rewards from the Good Lord now that he has her. I'm sure of it. I'm equally sure the Good Lord will see that Al Gore gets his just rewards when he shows up at the Pearly Gates with his phony sideshow. I'm sure Al will get a first hand look at some "real" global warming once he passes from this Earth.

God bless Irene Sendler. Thanks for a great post.