Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making some progress

I went to Cabela's for a while this afternoon. I picked up a pound of Unique and tried to buy an eight-pound container of Win 231. They had it in the distribution center and I was going to pre-pay for that and pick it up at the store, to avoid shipping charges. Turned out they can't do it that way. They could send it to my home, but would have to charge some $10 shipping PLUS the $20 HazMat fee. This additional $13 just ruins the economy of buying in bulk. So I cancelled the request.

I got some more bullets to try in my Super .38: Hornady XTP in 124 and 147 grain weights. Picked up some .357 SiG ammo for Matt. This is about the best price this side of a gun show, and it's really stunning how much ammo prices have risen in this past year. Oh, well . . . If you're gonna play the game, and all that.

Apparently Speer is about to bring out a new edition of their Loading Manual. I bought a copy of the current (??) edition for ten bucks.

My old concealment vests were getting pretty ratty - - I still have an ancient "Shoot Me First" vest from Banana Republic, as well as about three Chinese knock-offs of same. I got an entirely different model with button front and a lot fewer pockets. Also, a good blue windbreaker. I've pretty well gotten the jump on this fall/winter. Lotta good these garments will do me until then. Current temp outside: 94 F.

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farmist said...

Cabelas currently has a free-shipping code on their website good for purchases over $150. If I understand correctly you would still have to pay the hazmat fee.

Old NFO said...

Agreed on the Ammo prices, and they are NOT going to get any better. I was told yesterday plan on another 10% hike before end of summer.

KD5NRH said...

This raises two questions; one, why wouldn't they have 8lb cans of 231 in stock, and two, why are you stocking up on 231, but only buying one pound of Unique?

JPG said...

KD5NRH - -

Valid questions, these.

There was a sale in progress. Once a year, Cabela's has a two or three day "Home Town Heroes" sale, where military - - active duty, reserve, guard, retired or vets, --
all kinds of cops, firefighters, emergency medical services - practically any kind of public employee with an ID card, gets a discount. They bill it as, "0 to 40 per cent off" on everything except boats, firearms, and ammunition. There's a scale, and most stuff is about 10% off. Items with Cabela's brand labels are discounted more than others. I found out a year or two ago that while ammo is exempted, loading components are not.

The store has a good selection of bullets, a lot of new brass, and a bunch of loading gear. Not a lot of powder, though, and the prices on powder are not too good.

I needed some powder and an old pal was working part of the gun counter. I asked if they had any packaging larger than one-pound in Unique or 231. He got on his computer and found there was none in the store, but there was a single eight-pound of 231 at their distribution center. No Unique. I said there wouldn't be time to order it while the sale was on. He said I could pay in advance, at the sale price, and have it delivered to the store, and they'd phone when it arrived. I said fine, so he wrote up a slip with product code, regular price, and discounted price. When I took this, with my other purchases to the front, it developed that the HazMat factor would kick in. No problem, really. I'll pick up powder and primers at the Dallas Market Hall gun show.