Monday, June 09, 2008

Mug Meme

Oh-Kay. Elder Son Matt G tagged me, along with several others, to display what mug/coffee container/tea cup we are currently using. He specified, No fair picking a special mug-- this is a come-as-you-are party. (Or in my case, come-as-I-was.)

Good enough, then.

When I first read Matt's this morning, this -- the clear glass one -- is what I had on my mini-hotplate coffee warmer next to my keyboard. The lettering on the other side says, "pessimist's mug."
Beloved Bride gave it to me for my recent birthday. It came from . It's worth a click to see all the nifty stuff they offer. I'll bet BB has spent a couple of hundred dollars ordering gifts from them.

The other cup is just a standard-type to-go Styrofoam cup with a particularly well-designed lid and an attractive printed design. I probably have six or eight road cups, none with matching lids. The only good ones end up being given to visitors about to hit the road, or else I leave them somewhere. Hey, I drink so much bad coffee in so many questionable places, I can't tell that the expanded plastic is hurting the taste. If I reach home with such a cup and a good lid, I rinse and dry them for later use.
Anyhow, I'll tag two residents of Louisiana, the Bayou Renaissance Man and Ambulance Driver . Let's see what they're using for sipping vessels.

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lainy said...

I save good coffee cups to run around town in the mornings, and I love the hot plate idea with the glass cup. BB is just so good to you ;)