Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breast Cancer Charity Gun

Internet pal Larry Correia and Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns are putting on a raffle to benefit Breast Cancer Research. Larry started this since a member of his family has been undergoing chemotherapy, and it is an entirely worthwhile charity. How many of us HAVEN’T had a friend or family member so afflicted? I know Holly and I have one close friend just now recovering.

Larry took one of the excellent Stag 15 carbines and submitted it to the tender mercies of Joe, the FBMG gunsmith. Joe is an absolute master at Duracoating firearms, and he’s come up with an excellent paint scheme for this one. It is being raffled off for this benefit.

Anyway, read more about it on Larry’s Monster Hunter International (MHI) Blog. Yes, Larry’s the author of that excellent book.

Joe provides additional details at his own site, Gundoctor’s Blog

Go to one of their sites and send them some money. Tickets are only $5.00 each. You have a chance at winning a truly unique, high-quality AR in the process, and even if the odds are long against winning, you can feel really good for making the donation.

I’ll maybe edit this post if/when they send me some more info and images. If not, there’s already enough here for you to get in on the action. Believe me, I don’t usually shill for any charity -- There are many worthwhile projects out there -- but I really believe in this one, and I’d like to see it be a big success.

Many thanks,

Perspective and Intent

In June, I made my second visit to the J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. I'll write more about the museum later. For now, suffice it to say, if you’re at all interested in firearms and have ANY reason to be in Northeast Oklahoma you owe it to yourself to pay a visit.

While there, I noticed a plaque displayed with the following on it:

My Arms Collection

These are man-made Tools of War or Peace, of Love or Hate
Labeled at will by man, their Creator.

Tools, ingeniously designed, used by Aggressor or Defender
classed again by man, their Maker.

Blameless, products of metal and wood, shaped by the skill of
Master Mechanics, embellished
by the hand of an Artist --
condemned because of mis-use by man, their Possessor.

A mighty Protector on the side of right -- A Destroyer on
the side of Evil -- an eternal Chameleon.

Look upon them as they are displayed -- impotent Curios of a
day now past, outliving their Masters.

Let their purpose and history be forever in the eyes of the
beholder; romantic, destroying or preserving; weaving untold tales
of daring or cowardice, of chivalry or cunning. But see them as
they shall always be -- ominous reminders of sudden action --
the instruments of the Quick and the Nemesis of the Dead.

Ray Riling 1960

Ray Riling was a long-time collector of arms and books about them. He also wrote several specialized works on various aspects of arms collecting. He established Ray Riling Arms Books Co., Inc., said to be America's oldest mail order arms books company. His son, Joe Riling, continues the business.