Monday, October 06, 2014

"I Ain't Dead Yet."

Yes, I've almost entirely given up on blog posing.   I realize it's going on a year since my last. 

I have an old pal in Dallas that I see all too seldom, and see his charming wife even less often.   Being a good and loyal friend, though, he occasionally phones to check on me and we have a lengthy chat, just catchin' up.  He always mentions, "If you'd just post SOMETHING on your blog from time to time, I could just assume you're still alive." 

Dick and I used to do a lot of shooting in pistol matches, but have both tapered 'way off in recent years.  Oh, we both still shoot the occasional match, but our forays seldom coincide.  There are several excuses, but they mostly boil down to laziness and my being dragged, kicking and screaming into seniorness.  (No, hell, be honest - - I'm already there .)  I have a bad back, and sitting for hours at the loading press makes it hurt.  Same reason makes it uncomfortable to walk around the ranges, unless I tote a folding chair with me.  

My pistol match results at the local club are not at all competitive.  They're more just to force me to shoot under pressure.  The goblins may take down the ole dude one day - - Who among us wouldn't choose that way to go out?  But I'd like to think one or two may have to pay dearly.  The old Norse idea of taking servants to the other side, is really pretty appealing,  So, if I can maintain at least a little proficiency with the "front sight, PRESS," and minor dexterity on reload, I can at least fantasize that I could still be a surprise to someone.

For braggin' rights:  can anyone give the source of the above title?