Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lazy Day, Light Supper

I spent all day, hanging out 'round the homestead, just doing odds and ends of stuff. I'd loaded up a bunch of .38 Special cartridges and needed to gauge 'em all. I'm glad I did, because one round that didn't have a proper crimp and really didn't want to chamber. Under some conditions, this could be a bit inconvenient.

BB had previously scheduled dinner with a pal. She asked if she should bring me some food when she returned. I told her, no, I'd either fix something or go out for a meal. I really don't mind eating alone, especially when I have a good book with me. I have a nearly finished Pournelle mercenary novel, and also General Doolittle's autobiography, I Could Never Be So Lucky Again. It stays in my truck as contingency reading material, and I'm only about 20% into it.

So, I pondered what kind of really nice meal I'd buy for myself. Chinese buffet? No, BB likes that, too, and I'll save it for some time when we're eating out together. Mexican food is always a good choice, but same comments apply. Korean food? It's been a while since I've had bulgogi and kimchi, but that didn't strike a chord. Greek? No, we had that just the other evening.

I didn't want a sandwich or a burger - - These are lunch fare, or something to eat on the run. Hey! Jason's Deli has a dyn-o-mite salad bar. I can certainly make a sumptuous meal on an elaborate salad. But no, it's already warm weather, and soon enough, it'll be hot in North Texas. I'll be eating a lot of salad and fruit lunches once it does. Italian? There are two really good restaurants nearby. But that's really heavier fare than I want this evening.

Well, if I can't become enthusiastic over anything, I'll hold off 'til I can. I'll fix myself some sort of meal, even if it's just a can of soup. Checking the pantry . . . Alright. Here's a can of Campbell's Chicken Gumbo. I haven't had authentic, down-on-de-bayou Cajun Curry since I wrote up the recipe back in February. I loaded up the rice cooker, put it on, and started on the curry.

Huh. Thought we had a can of white meat chicken to add to the rather thin gumbo. None present. Well, I can do without. About the time everything was ready, BB returned home. They'd called it off early. She hadn't been able to finish her order of catfish and brought home a “doggie bag.” HAH! The dogs weren't getting anywhere NEAR that fish. I chopped it up, tossed it into the pot, and turned on the fire again. I hadn't had fish curry in about 20 years, and it was pretty durn good.

A tasty meal, plenty spicy, not too heavy. I am well satisfied. Think I'll go reload some .44 Special ammo.


Matt G said...

Sounds a whole lot better'n what I ate, and that's a fact.

What's the plan on the forty-four? Gimme a call before you take it in.

J.R.Shirley said...


Hey, how was that sauce?

Anonymous said...

What Pournelle mercenary book are you reading? I've been thinking of re-reading the Falkenberg novels.

JPG said...

Prince of Mercenaries and it's pretty good. Copyright date March 1989.

Slower moving than many of the COL JHF stories, but I believe it was a bit more thoughtful.

There's a painful tale of tragedy therein. Short form is that while awaiting the perfect-size jar into which I would put Elder Son's share, the jar slipped out of my wet hands and hit the kitchen floor. 'Twas NOT a pretty sight, but the entire house smelled good the rest of the day.

Before that happened, however, I enjoyed the sauce with at least three different meals. It was VERY good, and I'm ashamed for the waste, and also that I deprived M. of his share.

I sincerely apologize for my accidental mistreatment of your excellent gift.

J.R.Shirley said...

Bah. You have a birthday coming, no? We'll see what can be done...